Gestational Diabetes

Guess what?!? With all the hectic and stressful things going on in my life I have, yet another to add onto it. Last Wed I did my Second Trimester Glucose Test. The next day I found out I have this wonderful “disease” to handle. Yay me! If I don’t prick my finger (keep in mind I loath needles!) and eat a strict diet little Dean could be huge, making birthing hard or even make me have a c-section. Something I really don’t want. I also could develop Diabetes 2. So not cool.

Oh well… guess this is one way to get me healthy. So now I eat every three hours watching my carbohydrate count. 30g in the morning when I first wake up. 15g for a snack three hours later. 60g for lunch three hours after that. Another 15g for a snack three hours after that. 60g again for dinner three hours later. Then finally 15g snack before bed. Meat, eggs, cheese, nuts are all freebies. So basically I have to limit my fruit, bread, straight milk, and general sugar in take. This is day 1/2 of sticking to this. Its both easy and hard. Honestly it hasn’t helped my tiredness at all. If anything I’m more exhausted. Today I woke up around noon, after having my 30g of carbohydrates I also had some eggs with cheese. Not even an hour or so later I felt drowsy and it’s only gotten worse. On top of this I have to prick my fingers to check my blood at least four times a day. 😥


Preggo Glow is Bullshit

I always heard that when women get pregnant they get this glow about them that makes them stunning or irresistible to others. I’m throwing down the bullshit card here. Through the years I’ve run into a handful of preggo women, and never did I see them having this so called glow. They looked normal, if not a little tired/haggard. Their hair was usually a little fuller, true, but other than that they just looked normal if not bigger due to the baby inside them.

Finally being preggo myself I’ve, for the most part, only felt varying degrees of misery. And the only person(s) who seem to think I have a glow are my hubby and my parents. My skin is NOT clearer. While my hair is fuller it is also oilier. I’m exhausted most of the day even when I finally get decent sleep. (Which is rare!!) Something always aches, either it be my back, my shoulders, or my stomach. If I don’t take my heartburn meds I have horrible stomach acid that usually leads to morning sickness. When I look in the mirror I still see the same girl, just miserable.

All of this leads me to think that it’s not so much that you have a glow, but the idea of what is inside you that makes people say you have a glow about you. They have love blinders on. They are either so in love with you, or with the idea of you being pregnant that they start seeing this glow about you. Basically it’s all in their heads. Preginsanity. At first I found it sweet that my hubby gave me the love-struck looks. But now recognizing it for what it is, him simply in love with the idea that I’m carrying his kid, I have mixed feelings. It makes me feel not like an individual anymore, but some sort of vessel. Of course there is more to it than that, but it’s so complex that I really don’t know how to begin to describe it. For now I’ll just accept his love and try not to look into deeper meanings and what not. But as for the articles about pregnancy glow, they can go fuck themselves. As can those few women who say they felt amazing during their pregnancy. First, you are probably lying. Second, aren’t you just special??? (Note: Yes, that’s sarcasm.) Honestly, no one wants to hear about how perfect you or your pregnancy is going. Most of us want to hear from the other poor women who are just as miserable. That way we can nod our heads and feel satisfied that we aren’t alone in our woes. Selfish as it may be, it connects us as a whole. Welcome to the sisterhood!

Looking to the Future

Is it bad that I’m already planning what my children will read?


Not long ago, my (almost) 9-year-old twins faced a problem: What do they read after Harry Potter? They wanted another series. They wanted fantasy. They wanted adventure. For recommendations, I turned to a friend of mine with older kids. Without a second thought, she said: “The Warriors. It’s about cats.” Look at these covers! These […]

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Cat’er Block

Found this good blog that demonstrates what I’m currently feeling with my writer’s block, but with cats!


Some people say writer’s block doesn’t exist. That it’s just epic procrastination and laziness tied up in a pretty package. But it does exist. Oh. Hell. Yes. It. does. Sometimes it can last from a few hours to a few years (true story!) but the journey is still the same… It all starts with one […]

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Stella Update 2

Stella is walking, all be it with a slight limp and she is able to jump up and down from the couch and even, when startled by something, runs. I’m so happy. My little Stella girl may not ever return fully to normal, but she is improving with every day. I also found out yesterday that I’m negative for ever having Toxoplasmosis or currently having it. Of course I’ll have to have another test in two weeks to make sure, but this is a HUGE relief.

If only my job could give me some slack now. That would be amazing. Apparently the union I’m in got a bunch of complains about the available = on call issue. I told the rep about my situation. I’m currently crossing my fingers and keeping a positive outlook. I’ve been told the universe answers to positive thoughts. Makes me think of Peter Pan, just think happy thoughts and you fly!

Starting @ Home Job?

With realizing my predicament at my current job (thought I was only part time, but turns out I’m part time/on call and can’t turn down shifts) I’ve decided to look into starting my own business or job at home. Of course I don’t think it will take off right away, thus why I want to start it now. Issue is, I really don’t know where to start in general. I could freelance write, edit, transcribe, and even try selling the crafts on a website like Etsy. Or do all of the above… It’s so overwhelming. The likelihood that anyone responds to this is close to nil, but still, I would love feedback or suggestions. 😀

Stella Update

Just wanted to update on Stella. She is doing amazingly! Even surprising the vet. She is using both front paws to walk, though it’s clear their is still complications from her gate, she’s able to move around and even run away from that mean, nasty, hubby of mine. Which she has taken to hissing at any chance she gets. It’s both adorable and sad. He cried for this cat and was so worried about her. Now it’s as if she is blaming him every chance she gets for her woes. The hiss itself, though, is so soft and cute! And her glaring at him? So funny!

For the most part Pumpkin and Grunt leave her alone. Sometimes sniffing her. But it’s obvious she can’t rough house like she once did. Maybe in another week, but the Vet says she may never gain complete control over her front limbs again. Honestly, while I’m a little sad about this, I’m just happy she’s starting to follow me around again. All be it lazily and at a small distance because she doesn’t want to walk the whole way. As long as she can see me she is happy, which makes me happy.

As for Rocket… We have had problems with Rocket. That cat is an attention slut and when she feels like another cat (especially Stella) is getting the most attention she gets a little prickly. She had, more or less, calmed down when it was just me giving Stella attention because my hubby split his time between Rocket, Pumpkin and sometimes Grunt, but with Stella’s ailment his focus has been mostly on Stella and Pumpkin.

On a side note, I wish I could do a British and Hill-billy accent, and then my Hubby was able to do a Japanese one. We could totally do cat videos staring are cats with those accents. Stella the posh British lass. Grunt the Japanese wanderer. Rocket the hill-billy inbred. And Pumpkin… we haven’t been able to figure out one for him yet. Maybe something Australian?