About Me


How ever you found this blog, whether out of boredom or interest or even accidentally, I’m thrilled to have you here. As the title says, this blog will mostly be all about my adventure about being a new mother. I doubt I’ll post anything else, but just in case I do have a “Non-Baby Crap” category. Also, because I consider them to be my children as well, I will probably post a lot about my cats, or fur-babies.

About myself:

I was born on Halloween 1989 (which makes me 27 years old at the moment!) in California. After a short stint in Texas my parents brought me to Washington (that would be the state not D.C. I really wish news people would stop calling D.C. Washington, makes things annoying for us Washingtonians!!) and that is where I have lived ever since.Honestly I’ll probably grow old and die here. Other than the fact that I have to deal with so many damn Republicans on the east side, I really love Washington. We got every season and every type of geographical feature (i.e. rain forest, mountain lands, plain lands, evergreen forests, even a type of desert).

As for schooling, I’m a WSU graduate with a B.S. in Zoology and a B.A. in English – Creative Writing. I’ve thought about returning and getting a Computer Science degree, but for now I’m trying to self teach myself that.


I’ve got the standard loving mother and father who annoy me at times. Or maybe that isn’t so standard with how 40-something % get divorces these days. But surprise world, mine somehow managed to stick together even through two head injuries. As for the father of my soon to be child, we were highschool sweethearts. I met him through our friends who were dating at the time (and unlike us are no longer together, take that all those nay-sayers who said we wouldn’t remain together!!), that was when I was a 15 year old Freshmen and he was a 17 year old Junior. That means that this coming Feb. 20th we will have been together… hm… 12 years. Damn that’s a long time. In three more years I will have known him half my life… ¬†We finally married on March 17th, 2015 – St. Paddies Day!

Besides humans (of course I’m neglecting all of my hubby’s huge family, but there simply is too many…) I have four fur-babies. Their names are (in order of oldest to youngest) Pumpkin, Stella, Rocket, and Grunt. Eventually I’ll post pictures!! I look forward to seeing how they take to the addition of little Dean.


I enjoy reading and writing. You will seldom find me without a means to write my story ideas down. I’ve also got so many uncompleted stories that it’s quiet pathetic.

I’m a Gamer. I love playing Video Games. Especially with my hubby! I strongly urge all women from the young to the old to start playing games with their husbands. I can’t tell you how much bonding comes with completing a game together. You learn new ways to communicate. And if you need to get your aggression out on something, there’s nothing quiet like shooting an NPC (non-player character, aka a little blimp of data) instead of saying or doing something you would later regret.

I also enjoy crocheting. Perhaps I’ll post a few of my creations and if someone wants one they can pay me?? lol I wish!!

Eh… I think that’s good enough for now. Thanks for reading!


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