Baby Naming

So a long time ago my hubby and I picked a little girl’s name. Actually, before I found out the sex I believed it would be a she. Surprise! Not!! By this time, just in case, we decided on a boys name too.

Dean Jensen McDowell-Stone

Dean is my father’s middle name, but I liked it even before I found out about that. If the name Dean is giving you flashbacks to Dean Winchester… then good! If only my boy could look half as good as this hunky man I’d be a proud mama!


Anyways, that is were we got the middle name. The actor who plays Dean Winchester is named Jensen Ackles. Both my hubby and I loved it and now it’ll be my little Dean’s middle name.

As for that last name… I’m a modern woman. I love my maiden name (Stone). I refused to change, so instead my hubby and I compromised… sort of. Legally we both go by are original last names, but eventually we will probably change it to McDowell-Stone. I’ll still be signing things by Stone though. (Or M. Stone) I have this plan to have all my kids shorten the McDowell to just an M and treat it like a middle name, hehe.

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