Being Preggo Sucks!

For those few lucky women like my mother, being pregnant was bliss. The only morning sickness she had was when she brushed her teeth. She didn’t suffer any of the negative side-effects. Going into my own pregnancy I realized right away, this would not be the case for me.

Morning Sickness: For the most part this wasn’t too bad. Once I got off Metformin the urge to randomly hurl decreased dramatically until the 9th week. Then it became an evil monster that started with heartburn. For three weeks I suffered until finally I had my OB appointment and the doc gave me heartburn meds. What a blessing those are! Since then, unless I eat spicy food or forget to take my medication I haven’t suffered from any more morning sickness.

Hormones: For the most part I thought the ugly, horned monster had by-passed me. That was until week 22 started. Ever since my emotions have been a way-ward yo-yo. Unfortunately, I also have the horrible side-effect of Allergy-like symptoms that cause my nose to be stuffy and be runny. I’ve had that since about week 19. It’s horrible. I just got over a cold about a month ago, but the snot never completely stopped. Now at week 23 it’s back with vengeance. I also have a lovely cough with it. I sound like I’m sick, but I’m not. And of course being preggo there isn’t really much I can take. I do the Netti Pot (Sinus Rinse), Flonase just makes my throat sore, and so far Robitussion DM doesn’t seem to do crap. When I had a cold I used Benadryl to knock me out, but I’m out and the last few times I took it for this I was stuck in a state halfway between sleep and being awake. Which really sucks!!

Needing to pee… arg! Oh gosh. I’m lucky if in an 8hr period I only wake up three times to go pee. Lately I’ve been waking up much more than that. And those horrible dreams about needing to pee… Don’t get me started on peeing a little while sneezing or coughing!! It’s gross, embarrassing, and frustrating. There is also this little issue that no matter how much is in my bladder, I really have to pee!! It’s so annoying to feel like your about to burst only to get to the bathroom and find a small trickle. >.<

Backpain: Off and on I’ve had lower back pains. Or even stomach muscle aches, at the same time. Fortunately, lately I haven’t had those. Instead I pulled something in my left side (back during my cold when I was trying to keep my head propped up) and it makes sleeping even more difficult. Of course I’ve managed to find ways around it, but it leaves my whole body aching in the morning. Nor is it helpful when your nose has decided to riot!

I’m sure there is more I’m neglecting. Right now the forefront woes of this Rhinitis (non-Allergy congestion), this cough, and my back pain is annoying me the most. But I do have to say, when I feel little Dean kick… I can’t help but smile. While I really wish this wonderful moment in my life wasn’t overshadowed by all these woes, I can’t say I would rather not be preggo and not meet this little man that will be part me and part my hubby. Though I can say with utmost certainty, I just wish he was here already. But with that thought comes more worry and frustration. I’m only at week 23. I hear this is supposed to only get worse! I’m soooo screwed. So to all those who just breezed through pregnancy without a care I’m giving you a half-joking, half-serious big middle finger. I’m so jealous right now I can cry – but then that would just make the snot worse and that’s the last thing I need. >.<



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