Woes of a Working Mom

Little Dean isn’t even born yet and already I’m feeling the confines of work trying to butt into my life and make things unbearable. Today I was just told by my boss that the shift I signed for is not just Monday and Tuesday from 2:30pm to 12:30am, but I absolutely MUST be available Thursday through Saturday. In other words I’m on call. Right now it’s annoying, but okay. When Dean is born, however, I am not going to have another care taker or do day-care for Dean. My plan was to just work those two days and then be with Dean when my hubby is at work the rest of the week. Whelp. Apparently not. And saying I can’t come in because of my son will apparently not fly either, I’ll get a mark on my record.

Honestly, I’m not surprised. Every job I’ve ever had to date has found some way to screw with me.

It’s not like I can’t be flexible. I offered to be available Thursday through Saturday from 5:30am to 11:30am. But nope. I have to be available from 5:30am to 12:30am. No that second am is not a miss-type. Now I have to talk to the HR and Union people to see if there is anything I can do. I applied for this job specifically because I only wanted 20hrs a week. What the hell would happen if I had, oh say, another job? Personally, I would like to stay at this job. The pay is amazing, and for the most part it isn’t stressful. But I will not be forced to choose between a job and my child. Amazing pay or not.

Another issue is that because of my availability Thursday through Saturday and them not having the Casual working that’s suppose to work Friday and Saturday, I’ve been taking those shifts. Okay, no problem. So far the days I’ve needed off and asked for they have given me them. However, because the person who took on the Saturday shift called in sick and one of the managers had to work, I may not get my baby shower off. My own fucking baby shower! The event isn’t until April 28th and 29th and already they are saying I may not be able to have it off?? I do have a second weekend that I can do the baby shower, the issue is that they will have the same issue with that. This is ridiculous. Forget just having a baby, it’s like I can’t even have a life. Worse, I’m not getting paid to put my life on hold unless I’m actually called in.

I’m stuck in this perpetual rut of having jobs that somehow screw around with me. I’m tried of it. If I had the money I would just stay home the whole time. Or better yet open my own business and make my own rules. If anyone has another suggestion, please, I really want to hear it!


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