Toxoplasmosis Scare

Turns out the “cat parasite” toxoplasma gondii that doctors warn you about and why pregnant woman should refrain from scooping the litter box is actually more commonly gotten by eating under-cooked or handling raw meat improperly. Even meat you get from the grocery store!

The reason I bring this up is because I’m currently facing such a scare myself. My cat Stella’s infliction last weekend was because of this little parasite. How? Confused us too. She’s indoors. Has no way of gaining it. Except, apparently her hobby of tearing into the meat packaging we get from the stores. Before it was just an annoyance. A very dirty one that had her knocking the trashing can down, rutting through it, pulling out the bloody meat packaging and ripping it to shreds. Now, however, she could be a life savor!

The reason I say this is because I don’t handle cat litter. Never have. And on average cats are only contagious with Toxoplasmosis for roughly 14 days after being infected. I’m about 99.9% sure that if I happen to have this, I didn’t get it from her. No, instead, if anything its from my own hobby of liking my steaks medium rare. Technically, I should be fine. They say steaks only need to be heated up to 145 degrees to kill the parasite. This is roughly the temp you measure medium-rare stakes too. That doesn’t mean is 100% certain. The only way to have that is to ruin the steak by charbroiling it to very well done. Something I refuse to do.

Right now I am only managing to keep myself calm with this fact, and the fact that I probably caught Toxoplasmosis a long time ago with all the years I’ve spent around outside cats. Apparently 1 in 5 people globally have caught Toxoplasmosis and have the anti-bodies against it. As long as this isn’t my first time ‘catching’ Toxoplasmosis, my little Dean will be 100% safe. Even then, if this happens to be my first time, because I’m still in the second trimester, the likelihood of me transferring it to him is only 25%.

Basically, I’m in a potentially deadly numbers game. Considering the fact that store bought meat rarely has toxoplasmosis, perhaps I should be more worried. But thankfully statistics don’t work like that and I’m of the belief if you think positively the universe will also. I hope anyone who reads this will also help by thinking positively as well.

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