Stella Update

Just wanted to update on Stella. She is doing amazingly! Even surprising the vet. She is using both front paws to walk, though it’s clear their is still complications from her gate, she’s able to move around and even run away from that mean, nasty, hubby of mine. Which she has taken to hissing at any chance she gets. It’s both adorable and sad. He cried for this cat and was so worried about her. Now it’s as if she is blaming him every chance she gets for her woes. The hiss itself, though, is so soft and cute! And her glaring at him? So funny!

For the most part Pumpkin and Grunt leave her alone. Sometimes sniffing her. But it’s obvious she can’t rough house like she once did. Maybe in another week, but the Vet says she may never gain complete control over her front limbs again. Honestly, while I’m a little sad about this, I’m just happy she’s starting to follow me around again. All be it lazily and at a small distance because she doesn’t want to walk the whole way. As long as she can see me she is happy, which makes me happy.

As for Rocket… We have had problems with Rocket. That cat is an attention slut and when she feels like another cat (especially Stella) is getting the most attention she gets a little prickly. She had, more or less, calmed down when it was just me giving Stella attention because my hubby split his time between Rocket, Pumpkin and sometimes Grunt, but with Stella’s ailment his focus has been mostly on Stella and Pumpkin.

On a side note, I wish I could do a British and Hill-billy accent, and then my Hubby was able to do a Japanese one. We could totally do cat videos staring are cats with those accents. Stella the posh British lass. Grunt the Japanese wanderer. Rocket the hill-billy inbred. And Pumpkin… we haven’t been able to figure out one for him yet. Maybe something Australian?


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