Gestational Diabetes

Guess what?!? With all the hectic and stressful things going on in my life I have, yet another to add onto it. Last Wed I did my Second Trimester Glucose Test. The next day I found out I have this wonderful “disease” to handle. Yay me! If I don’t prick my finger (keep in mind I loath needles!) and eat a strict diet little Dean could be huge, making birthing hard or even make me have a c-section. Something I really don’t want. I also could develop Diabetes 2. So not cool.

Oh well… guess this is one way to get me healthy. So now I eat every three hours watching my carbohydrate count. 30g in the morning when I first wake up. 15g for a snack three hours later. 60g for lunch three hours after that. Another 15g for a snack three hours after that. 60g again for dinner three hours later. Then finally 15g snack before bed. Meat, eggs, cheese, nuts are all freebies. So basically I have to limit my fruit, bread, straight milk, and general sugar in take. This is day 1/2 of sticking to this. Its both easy and hard. Honestly it hasn’t helped my tiredness at all. If anything I’m more exhausted. Today I woke up around noon, after having my 30g of carbohydrates I also had some eggs with cheese. Not even an hour or so later I felt drowsy and it’s only gotten worse. On top of this I have to prick my fingers to check my blood at least four times a day. 😥


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