From left to right…

Pumpkin – Colonel Pumpkin, Regal Prince of the Royal Pushkins (hubby’s name for him). He is almost exclusively my husband’s cat, though it was MY birthday present that I brought home from the Vet Clinic I was Job Shadowing at. I want to say we got him around the year 2008, maybe even 2007.

Stella – MissPrissyBritches (again Hubby’s name for her…). She is totally my cat. This little girl will follow me through the house, guard me as I take a bath, and sleep on me. If I’m not there, and if she is super lonely, my husband has become a replacement of sorts, but he knows he is only being used for warmth, of all our cats she has the finest, shortest (and omg so unbelievable soft) fur of them all. If ever we have visitors she’s hiding.

Rocket – She is an all opportunist cat. She usually loves everyone and everything (except for Stella…). Pick her up and she becomes almost like a rag doll. One of these days I’m going to try dressing her up, because I simply know she will allow it. She and her cousin Grunt who we saved together from a trailer park, usually also go by Thing 1 and Thing 2 as well. She was named after Rocket the Raccoon from Guardians of the Galaxy.

Grunt – Grunter B. (Bartholomew) Pussomoto (My name for him.) Younger than his cousin by at least a month, he is a rising Alpha personality in our household. Oh, and he LOVES eating wrappers. >.< He was named after a Mass Effect 2 character. Later we realized he has many Asian characteristics, and modeled his name as such.

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